Hi. This is a list of our most frequently asked questions by our clients. Please send us a message if you do not find answers to your questions here.


we accept bitcoins, MoneyGram and western union. We will be accepting credit and bank transfers very soon.

How to buy BItcoins

You can buy Bitcoin with creditcard, cash, bankwire transfer, sepa, and much more.

  1. Go to blockchain.info (click) and create your personal wallet. Use a valid email address!
  2. Now you have to choose an exchanger. Each exchanger offers different payment methods:
    localbitcoins.com offers multiple payment methods and even cash to bitcoin
    coinbase.com accepts creditcards and bank wire transfer
    coincorner.com accepts creditcards and bank wire transfer (UK)
    bitstamp.net accepts SEPA
    accepts SEPA

    coinatmradar.com lets you search for an ATM to buy bitcoin
    Some exchangers will ask for verification of your data.
    You can use your real identity because we are using a bitcoin mixing service.
  3. As soon as you bought your bitcoin you can send them from the exchanger to your blockchain wallet by clicking “request”,  and then copying the bitcoin address by clicking on “copy”.

After you buy your bitcoins, you can send us your coins using our bitcoin payment systerm on our website or you can contact us and we will instruct you on how to send us bitcoins step by step.

How to Pay using western union/MoneyGram

On our check out page, you will choose to pay using Western Union or MoneyGram. After checkout, we will email you with our cashier details to whom payment will be made at the nearest western union or moneygram store in your area.


Is my data safe?

Yes. We are deleting your information once we have sent your order.

The communication between you and our servers is encrypted with ssl.

Our servers are running a so called “ramdisk”. Most computers store data on their harddrive from which you can read the data after shutting down the computer.

But not so in our case. Our data is stored in a virtual disk which is stored in the memory (RAM).
The RAM will be cleared in the same moment if you power off the computer (which you have to, if you want to read anything from it)

I want you to prove that you are really into this business.

Well, of course. How would you like us to prove it?
By the way; we dont offer free samples.

If we all are honest, there is no real way to prove something like that without taking a high risk on our side or spending a lot of money on free samples (which we absolutly wont do).

If you dont want to buy something from us: you dont have to.
please go for them dealers in the darknet you heard so much about in the news. Honestly, if you are taking a look at the news you will see that darknet vendors are constantly busted. Please ask yourself where it is more secure to buy ?

Not only it is impossible to prove a public drug business but there also is no need for it from our point of view.
Im sorry, but we dont have time to motivate customers to buy our products, we keep focusing on deliver products faster for customers which already know where to buy their drugs from. Once you are ready you can place your order.

Do i need a VPN? Is it risky to visit your website?

As a customer it isnt required to use a VPN. The communication between you and our server is encrypted so nobody will ever know that you placed an order. Maybe you just googled “cocaine” and accidentally clicked on our website….? Thats really nothing you should care about, there are thousands of internet users which do so every day. Nobody can see what you are doing on our website (because of the encryption), your ISP only “knows” that you have been on our website (which is not illegal at all). Also, there is no situation like “hey, this guy visited a drug website, we’ll tell the cops”, because it simply isnt the ISPs job.

It would require the cops to have a judicial order so the ISPs even just talk with them. And if we go even further, the ISPs cant tell the cops anything except that you have visited our website.



We offer worldwide shipping.This means that we will send our products to any place in the world.Yes, even to your location.

We have two shipping centers.We are shipping from within the United States for north- and southamerican customers.We are also shipping from Gibraltar for european, asian, australian and african customers.

The choice which service provider to use always depends on multiple parameters.We cannot and will not tell you which service provider we use in specific cases for security reasons.

However we are mainly using these service providers: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, TNT.

Of course we only can ship tracked packages & envelopes.You will receive the tracking id via email once it has been shipped.

Standard Shipping, worldwide: 5-7 days ($15) (only for normal orders)

overnight-express, worldwide: 1 day/next day delivery ($35)  (only for normal orders)

Important for overnight-express:
– You have to place your order until 12:00